Connecting the Dots and Drawing the Lines.
How do companies and people like Amazon, Uber, Zappos, Zara and Emirates do that?
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The Strategy-Execution Gap has long been touted as a key reason for organisational failure. How can Business Analysts close the gap? (and why they need to!).
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BA's (new) role in linking Strategy to Execution

Steve Towers presentation from BA & Beyond reviewed Three Key Topics - Rewatch the Video (if you want!) and deeper dive into the VIDEO RESOURCES then download the associated templates and decks. 

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Thank you for your great work and knowledge that you so openly share #thankyou#acxm🙏🏽
Kamani Naidoo, South Africa

Thank you Steve Towers for an awesome time of masterful learning.
Can't wait to attend your next class!
Victoria Weaver, United States

Wow!!! Thank you so much for all the foundation that you have laid for this great achievement at different levels of my career life. I will forever be grateful for your contributions in this regard! Stay Blessed!!!
Mashaba Mulaudzi, South Africa

Let me take this opportunity to thank Mr Steve. Your teachings are timeless and they stick perfectly and forever in our minds. We shall never forget you wherever we find ourselves on this planet. Thank you so much, Steve 🙏
Benignus Otmar, Tanzania

Thank you, the experience was enlightening, empowering, educating, encouraging and engaging.
Natasha Doren, South Africa

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